UCH, Ibadan Delivers Its 1st Set of IVF Triplets

The University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan has made a record delivery of its first set of triplets through an In Vitro Fertilization procedure.

According to the Hospital Authority the delivery of the babies lasted 45-minutes and the mother and the babies, all females, are in good condition.

The babies weighed 1.4kg, 2.5kg, and 2.4kg respectively.

The father of the triplets Dr. Kehinde Osiki of the Department of History and Strategic Studies at the University of Lagos in excitement said there are now better scientific alternatives to childlessness, instead of believing in spiritual, he advised those with related problem to seek medical solution.

‘’He encouraged married couples who could not fertilise not to lose hope as solutions abound for all problems. The mother of the triplets works with the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, Ibadan.’’

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